ABAC PRO A29B 50L CM2 AIR COMPRESSOR 230V 2HP 4116024556

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A29B PRO Range

One Stage Belt Driven Compressors


  • Highly Portable and robust unit
  • Belt driven
  • High air output at 110V
  • Large wheels and high handle for stability and convenience
  • Low speed pump, quite and durable
  • Fitted regulator/filter
  • Tough, Reliable and safe
  • Completely portable for ease of use

The PRO Series is the range of products with which ABAC   places itself in the compressed air treatment market to satisfy all those who, by purchasing a compressor, demand quality, robustness, reliability and power.

The PRO A29B 50 CM2 model is one of the most representative because it offers all these features and is highly appreciated both in the professional and semi-professional sectors: grinding, light chiselling, screwing, ratchet clamping will no longer be difficult to deal with.

The A29B 50 CM2 compressor has belt drive and is oil lubricated, so that all moving parts are protected during operation; the single-stage pump unit has two cast iron cylinders , with a low rotation speed, which develops 1075 rpm , a feature thanks to which all the more or less important works that go on in time can be carried out and keep the appliance engaged with minors power swings. An engine that runs less quickly resists more over time and is increasingly reliable. 255
liters per minute are aspirated ; next to the pump unit we find the wing manifold which facilitates air cooling.

The electric motor from 2 Hp , powered at 230 V , is induction , ie without rubbing brushes that make it less noisy during use. Aesthetically the compressor A29B 50 CM2 is very accurate, the casing that surrounds the transmission, as well as protecting the mechanical parts and reduce the heating, becomes one with the supporting structure giving a very aggressive and modern effect.

The 50-lt tank rests on two reinforced rubber feet and two sturdy rear wheels suitable for heavy-duty supports. Despite the weight of 49 kg, the displacement and transport are easy thanks to the front handle reinforced with molded rubber, practical and safe.

The Compressor A29B 50 CM2 has the peculiarity of being able to be used simultaneously for two functions thanks to the two air outlets and when the pressure of the tank is no longer sufficient, a pressure switch allows to recharge the tank automatically.

Standard equipment: pressure gauge display gauge in the tank, brass safety valve, knob pressure regulator, drain valve located in the lower part of the tank.  

General characteristics

Supply230V ~ 50 Hz
Absorbed power1,500 W
Motor power2 Hp
Delivered pressureMAX 10 bar
Tank50 liters
Air intake255 l / minute
Weight49 Kg
dimensions870 x 370 – height 780 mm

The A29B PRO range offers more user friendliness and lower operating temperatures.

This is achieved all thanks to the several special product features focusing on the user comfort. They are a great match for more value seeking customers using their compressor for grinding and small hammering operations, but also ratcheting and wrenching


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