(IN STOCK) 5X FFP3 Respair X Fold Valved Respiratory Masks Individually Packed Exp 2025

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5X Respair FFP3 x fold flat non valved face masks individually packed for hygiene. 
New stock with long Expiry 07 / 2025
Ideal for Tattoo Shops and Tattooists, Beauty Salons and Hair Dressers, for use on the London Underground, Trains and Public Transport, offering the very best protection available for close contact situations

This Face Mask conforms to both FFP3 and KN95 standard

1 – Filtering efficiency 99% !

2 – Meets EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3

3 – Built-in double-layer 99-level melt-blown cloth to efficiently filter bacteria

4 – High-density non-woven fabric, anti-droplets

5 – Strengthen thickening filter, Anti-droplets / anti-particles / anti-fog/ Moisture-proof

6 – While ensuring high filtration, it is light and breathable, which effectively reduces breathing resistance and makes breathing easier

7 – Adjustable nose bridge to better fit the face. Three-dimensional fit, skin-friendly and comfortable

FFP3 Face Mask Respirator

FFP3 Level Protection

Factory Sealed to ensure hygienic storage prior to use

Conforms to EN149:2001 +

The WHO World Health Organisation approves Masks FFP2 or better for protection.

ALL masks will offer some protection but FFP3 offers the very best protection possible

FFP1 – Filters 80% of Particles

FFP2 – Filters 95% of particles

FFP3 – Filters 99% of Particles