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Rothenberger Rofrost Turbo 28 pipe freezing kit – 1500003162

Pipe freezing is not magic! It is a simple and efficient way of sealing a water pipe or system while simple repairs or maintenance are carried out. All freezing systems, from the basic jacket or clamp type to the professional electric system work on the same principle. The temperature surrounding the water carrying pipe is reduced, either by a liquid or gas refrigerant encasing the pipe. The resulting drop in temperature causes the water in the pipe to freeze, forming a solid “ice plug” blocking the pipe and preventing the water from flowing, allowing work to be carried out on the pipe. Many plumbers and engineers, recognising the time that can be saved not draining down will invest in an electric pipe freezing machine like the NEW reliable and cost-effective ROFROST TURBO 28 from ROTHENBERGER. The tried and tested design has been engineered to freeze a range of domestic pipework from 8-10-12-15-22-28mm pipe using alloy adaptors while the clamp fits 28mm. Steel pipe ¼”-1,1/4” can also be frozen. The refrigerant in the New Rofrost 28mm re-circulates through the double skin hoses via a compressor giving a fast effective freeze. The compact freeze clamps have been designed to be fitted on clipped pipe close to walls and are fitted with built in temperature gauges, a guide to the working temperature of the clamp. The ROFROST 28 is not only fast and efficient but unless there is a power failure a freeze can be sustained for as long as necessary-even overnight! Making this method suitable for larger domestic and industrial applications and an essential addition to any Plumbers van. Anyone that purchases in excess of 25 freeze sprays per year would pay for this in the first year. Product Features:

  • Works on 8-10-12-15-22-28mm pipes
  • This product comes with steel 1/4″ – 3/4″.
  • Freezer heads fits flush to pipe and wall.
  • Integrated temperature control.
  • Heat conducting alloy adapters.
  • Dual core flexible hose.
  • 230V


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