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A multi-functional, high performance Bioresistant water soluble metalworking fluid 

Varcool 1500 BMEP is a high performance metal process fluid which produces a milky white emulsion when diluted in water

Varcool 1500 BMEP incorporates the latest non-staining performance additives and is based upon chemically reactive extreme pressure additives together with synthetic and natural ester technology in order to provide the highest degree of lubricity for a multitude of machining requirements.

Varcool 1500 BMEP exhibits excellent emulsion detergency and lubricity characteristics, thus making the product suitable for a whole variety of machining applications whilst maintaining machine cleanliness and operator acceptability

Features & Benefits 

  • Good Bio-Resistance 
  • Excellent Performance Characteristics 
  • NP Ethoxylates Free 
  • Suitable for hard and soft water types
  • Multi-Functional 
  • Multi-Metal Compatible 
  • Excellent Levels of Boundary Lubrication



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